The Tour of the Unknown Coast was formed in 1978 with the following mission:

    • To organize an annual bicycling event in Northern California
    • To encourage bicycle riders of all levels of cycling ability to participate
    • To educate the general public regarding safe cycling practices and techniques
    • To generate funds which are donated to non-profit organizations in the Northern California area


Before it became an organized event, the route used today for the Tour of the Unknown Coast Century was a favorite among Humboldt County’s serious cyclists.  In 1977, a group of these hardcore riders got together for a friendly competition to see who could finish the loop the fastest. From this informal but enthusiastic beginning, the event known as the Tour of the Unknown Coast was officially launched in 1978.

Over time, event organizers recognized that not everyone wants to suffer through 100 miles in a day, and shorter routes were introduced, including a 50 mile and a 100K ride. Eventually, the TUC expanded even further to encourage riders of all ages and abilities to take part by adding a 22 mile and a 10 mile ride.

The COVID-19 pandemic forced the cancellation of the 2020 and 2021 rides. During the shut down, event management underwent some changes resulting in a smaller board of directors and a fully volunteer based approach. In 2022, event organizers brought back a “skinny” version of the TUC, with only a 100 mile and a 100 kilometer ride offered. The streamlined event was manageable for the smaller crew of organizers, and rider turnout was close to pre-pandemic levels.

Supporting Our Community

The TUC is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, and supports other non-profit organizations in Humboldt County. The 2023 donation recipients were:

    • Rotary Club of Southwest Eureka
    • Kiwanis of Rio Dell
    • Redwood Coast Mountain Bike Association
    • Humboldt Composite High School Mountain Bike Club
    • Humboldt Amateur Radio Club
    • Rio Dell Volunteer Fire Department
    • Humboldt County Search and Rescue
    • Honeydew Volunteer Fire Department