When and Where Do I Check In?

Check-in for pre-registered riders starts at 6:15am for Tour of the Unknown Coast riders, and at 7:15am for Avenue of the Giants riders. Check-in will be held in the Turf Room of the Humboldt County Fairgrounds. PLEASE NOTE: there will be NO ON SITE REGISTRATION for the 100 mile and 100K events. Help us plan your ride by registering on line before the deadline of Wednesday, September 13th.

On site registration for the Freshwater 4-H Club’s Family Ride starts at 8:30am in the Turf Room of the Humboldt County Fairgrounds.

Where Does My Ride Start?

All rides will start and finish in front of the Turf Room of the Humboldt County Fairgrounds

What Time Does My Ride Start?

  • Tour of the Unknown Coast Century: 7:00am
  • Avenue of the Giants 100K:  8:00am
  • Freshwater 4-H Club’s Family Ride: start anytime between 9-10am

How Much Climbing Is There?

The Tour of the Unknown Coast Century has approximately 9400 feet of climbing. The Avenue of the Giants 100K has about 3200 feet of climbing. The Family Ride is completely flat.

What if I Can’t Finish the Ride?

Please make an honest assessment of your own physical capabilities and choose your route appropriately.  Do not sign up for the 100 mile ride if you do not intend to finish. The SAG vehicles are there to help those who experience an unexpected mechanical or physical failure, not for those who should have signed up for the 100 kilometer ride.

Riders must be able to complete the route by 6:00 pm. Riders who are not on pace to finish by 6:00 pm must board a SAG vehicle when directed to do so by the ride staff. This means that 100 mile riders must reach the Capetown rest stop by the cut off time of 4pm.

Are Electric Bikes Allowed?

Yes, both Class 1 and Class 3 electric bicycles are allowed (Class 2 electric bicycles are NOT allowed). If you plan to bring an electric bike to this event, please consider the range of your bike over distance and terrain, and be aware that there will be no opportunities for charging the bike along the way.

Is There a SAG Wagon?

We will have vehicles patrolling the course to offer assistance.

Due to the geography of the region, many riders will pass through areas in which cell phone service and radio communications are sporadic. In the event of a break-down or accident it is possible that considerable time will pass before assistance arrives.

Our SAG vehicles are equipped with spare tubes and tires, but the drivers are not bike mechanics. Be prepared to handle your own roadside mechanical needs. If necessary, the SAG vehicle can take you to the next rest stop that does have full mechanical support.

Please do not bring your own support vehicle. Private SAGs are prohibited.

Is There Mechanical Support?

While we ask that all participants be sure their bikes are in good working order before the ride, we understand that sometimes things go wrong. We will have mechanics at the start of the event and at the Dyerville rest stop. There will not be a bike mechanic at the Grange rest stop this year, but we will have a floor pump and a small supply of tubes and tires.

Do I Need to Bring Food?

If there is a particular on bike snack that you prefer, or if you have certain dietary restrictions, please bring your favorite pocket food. Our rest stops will be stocked with a variety of sweet and salty snacks, and it will be hard to go hungry out there.

What About Food Before and After the Ride?

  • There are several options for dining on Friday evening in Ferndale or nearby Fortuna, Google will help you find something you like.
  • The post-ride meal is included in your registration fee. Additional meals for a non-riding significant other can be purchased on site. The meal will be served between 1pm and 5pm on Saturday.

What Kind of Weather Can I Expect?

The North Coast can offer sunshine, wind, fog and rain, and all of these conditions can occur in the same day. In short, come prepared for anything. It may be chilly at the start, so smart riders will dress in layers: we recommend a pair of cycling shorts with knee warmers or leggings, a base layer and short sleeved jersey with arm warmers or sun sleeves,  and then a wind shell or jacket over that. As the day warms up (and it usually does), riders can peel off outer layers.

What if I Can’t Attend?

We regret that we are unable to offer refunds for this event. However, you can transfer your entry to another rider through the BikeReg website.