Tour of the Unknown Coast Century

A WORD OF CAUTION: This challenging 100 mile route features beautiful scenery, but also has sections of bad pavement, steep climbs and twisty descents. If that doesn’t sound like fun to you, please register for the Avenue of the Giants 100K ride.

RIDE DESCRIPTION: The ride starts out easy enough, with a relatively flat run south from Ferndale to Humboldt Redwoods State Park. After about 30 miles, the route turns west under Highway 101 onto Bull Creek Flats Road. In 2017, this historically potholed road was repaved and remained in good shape until January of 2023, when the earth shifted and heaved under the asphalt about 1.5 miles east of Hwy 101. The damaged section was replaced with 1/4 mile of smooth gravel and reopened in April of 2023. It’s anyone’s guess what this gravel section will look like in September, but one thing is for sure — the redwoods along this gently rolling road are stunning.  After the redwoods, things get serious when riders begin the seven mile climb up to Panther Gap, the high point of the ride at 2700 feet of elevation. And the adventure truly starts on the downhill to Honeydew followed by the trip north through the wild and scenic Mattole Valley. Rough pavement (including more stretches of gravel), the inevitable headwind along the coast, and the formidable Wall and Endless Hills which stand between tired legs and the finish line, make this one of California’s toughest 100 mile courses.

REST STOPS: Rest stops will be at Mile 31, Mile 61 and Mile 83. Due to the distance and difficulty of terrain between rest stops, riders are advised carry two water bottles and resupply with pocket food at each rest stop. Additional food and water are available at the Honeydew store (Mile 53.5) and at the Petrolia store (Mile 68).

CUT OFF TIME: Riders must be able to finish by 6:00 pm. Riders who are not on pace to finish by 6:00 pm must board a SAG vehicle when directed to do so by the ride staff. This means that 100 mile riders must reach the Capetown rest stop by the cut off time of 4pm.

PRO TIP: To reduce suffering, we recommend installing a pair of 28c (or wider) tires with tough sidewalls on a sturdy set of rims. Check your brake pads (or bring disc brakes), and make sure your gearing is adequate for the steep climbs.

REGISTRATION FEE: Reg fee is $100 until Sept 1st, when it increases to $120 until on line registration closes on Sept 13th. There will be no on site registration.

CHECK IN AND START TIMES: Check in for this ride starts at 6:15am. There will be a mass start at 7am. Riders who need extra time in order to finish by 6pm may start as early as 6:30am.

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