Avenue of the Giants Century

We first introduced this route to rave reviews in 2019. It features miles and miles of smooth pavement through tall redwood trees with views of the Eel River and its South Fork. The route has significantly less climbing than the classic Tour of the Unknown Coast century route, but it is definitely not flat!

The first 30 miles of this ride follow the same route as the classic Tour of the Unknown Coast century. The routes diverge in Dyerville, where Avenue of the Giants riders will bear left and cross a bridge over the South Fork of the Eel River (Tour of the Unknown Coast riders will turn right and pass under Highway 101 toward the coast at this point). Riders continue to follow the Avenue of the Giants to the turnaround point just before reaching Phillipsville.

The first rest stop is in Rio Dell at Mile 14; the second rest stop is at the Immortal Tree, Mile 26; the lunch stop is at the turnaround point, Franklin K Lane Grove, at Mile 49. Riders will reach the Immortal Tree rest stop again at Mile 73, and the final rest stop in Rio Dell is at Mile 85.

Ride fee is $90. This ride starts at 7am.

NOTE: Avenue of the Giants Century riders are encouraged to set off before the 7 am mass start if necessary in order to finish in time to enjoy the post ride festivities. The post ride meal will be served until 6 pm. Riders not on pace to finish by 7 pm will be sagged forward.

Ride with GPS Map

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