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The Tour of the Unknown Coast is sponsored in part by these fine Humboldt County businesses

Supporting Shops

Adventures Edge Bicycles
650 10 Th. St. Arcata, CA. 95521
Phone (707) 822-4673

Adventure's Edge
Eureka, 125 W. 5th St.
Phone: (707) 445-1711

Revolution Bicycle Repair
1360 G St. Arcata, CA 95521
Phone (707) 822-2562

Pacific Outfitters of Eureka
1600 5th Street, Eureka 95501
Phone (707) 443-6328

Pacific Outfitters of Arcata
737 G Street. Arcata, CA 95521
Phone (707) 822-0321

Henderson Center Bicycles
2811 F St. Eureka, CA. 95501 Phone (707) 443-9861

Humboldt Underground Bicycle Repair
3525 Redwood Drive, Redway, CA 95560 Phone (707) 923-1000

10 Mile

This ride has NO hills at all and stays off main roads. A safe, scenic ride through the Ferndale farmlands. Snacks & beverages at the turnaround. We recommend this ride for families with young children.

This ride goes out to the Turnaround Aid Station and returns to the Fairgrounds by the same route. STOP AT ALL STOP SIGNS!!

Route Slip

  • Mile 0 Start in front of the Humboldt County Fairgrounds. Head east.
  • Mile 0.2 Turn left on Van Ness.
  • Mile 0.4 Turn right on Rasmussen Lane
  • Mile 0.8 Turn left on Port Kenyon (Yield sign) Wave to the longhorn cattle and the horses.
  • Mile 1.1 Turn right on Dillon. Cross over the one-lane bridge. CAUTION! RIDE SINGLE FILE ONLY!
  • Mile 2 Continue on Dillon to Goble Ln. Turn right on Goble Ln.
  • Mile 3.3 Goble Len to Fulmor turnaround.
  • Mile 4.5 Turn right on Dillon to Camp Weott Rd.
  • Mile 5 Left turn onto Camp Weott Rd. Wave to s’more cows!
  • Mile 6.2 Morgan Slough Rd. TURNAROUND / AID STATION. Rest, eat, and talk to your new bicycling friends. Get ready to ride back to the Fairgrounds.

Map of the 10 Mile Farm Tour