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100 Mile

You will be going south from Ferndale, along the Blue Slide Road & into Rio Dell, travel the Avenue of the Giants, up Panther Gap, down into the Mattole Valley, along the ocean then up the wall — the Endless Hills — down the Wildcat back into Ferndale. You will have ridden one of the world’s toughest 100 mile courses when you complete this great ride.

12 HOUR CUT-OFF FOR 100-MILE Riders not on pace to finish by 7:00 pm will be sagged in.

Route Slip

  • Start/Finish Humboldt County Fairgrounds, Ferndale. Head west on 5th St. three blocks to Ocean Ave., turn left and head south out of town.
  • Mile 3.7 Waddington Rd. continue on through the Ferndale Bottoms toward Rio Dell on Grizzly Bluff Rd.
  • Mile 5.4 Grizzly Bluff School intersection, turn right to Rio Dell
  • Mile 8.3 Continue on toward Rio Dell.
  • Mile 13.1 Intersection –STOP SIGN!!!— Watch traffic control officer / CHP / RIO DELL CHECK-POINT / AID STATION. Turn right onto Wildwood Ave., go through Rio Dell, cross the historic Scotia Bridge.
  • Mile 14.4 Continue through Scotia, the road turns to the left as you pass the lumber mill offices and the old locomotive. Continue on to Highway 101.
  • Mile 15.9 Enter Highway 101 southbound. SINGLE FILE PLEASE
  • Mile 21.7 Take Pepperwood exit from 101 south. Turn left at STOP SIGN and enter Avenue of the Giants south. Continue on next 8.2 miles.
  • Mile 25 REST STOP / AID STATION at IMMORTAL TREE GIFT SHOP. 50 mile riders turnaround here. 100 K and 100 mile riders continue on.
  • Mile 31.7 Take Bull Creek Rd. / Honeydew exit under the 101 overpass. DO NOT take the bridge to the left. CAUTION: Poor road surface, narrow lanes and local vehicle traffic.
  • Mile 40 Begin 6.8 mile ascent of Panther Gap Ridge
  • Mile 48.4 Begin extremely steep downhill with hairpin turns. CAUTION: There may be sheep on the road!
  • Mile 55.6 Honeydew Bridge USE CAUTION. Stay to the right as you pass the Honeydew Store. Wave to the onlookers. CAUTION: Cattle guards and possible loose cattle next 4 miles.
  • Mile 63 REST STOP / AID STATION at A.W. WAY PARK. Lunch stop for 100 milers.
  • Mile 66 Surprise Hill! 300 foot hill, just to remind you…
  • Mile 69 Petrolia. After crossing country road through town. No turnoffs.
  • Mile 73-75 Along ocean coast. CAUTION: Loose cattle & cattle guards.
  • Mile 81.5 REST STOP / AID STATION at “THE WALL.” The fun begins! 1 mile climb, 18%-22% grade. YOU CAN DO IT!
  • Mile 84 Descent begins. USE EXTREME CAUTION! Very sharp and steep turns with gravel areas.
  • Mile 86 UNSTAFFED AID STATION at CAPETOWN. Porta potty, water, snacks at side of the road.
  • Mile 86.7 The Endless Hill climbs for about 8 miles, so don’t attack the first climb. Many false summits. No turnoffs, so stay on the main road. CAUTION: LOOSE SHEEP
  • Mile 89.9 CAUTION: Cattle guard
  • Mile 96 Top of the Endless Hill—you’ve done it! Road begins four mile descent to Ferndale. CAUTION: HAIRPIN CURVES AND ROUGH ROAD.
  • Mile 99.2 STOP SIGN: This one catches riders off guard…watch for it. Make a right and then an immediate left onto 5th Street back to the fairgrounds. Great job! You did it. See the finish line staff for your finishers patch.

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